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  VitaminHouse Holds 'Consensus Solidarity Meeting' (Nation-wide Workshop) - Oct. 3, 2008
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VitaminHouse (CEO: Kim Sang-guk) successfully held 'Consensus Solidarity Meeting', an integrated workshop' at Cheongpung Resort in Jecheon, Chungbuk for October 3~5 in order to enhance its solidarity and sense of belonging.
Some 120 staff and employees from headquarters, subsidiaries and branches participated in the meeting. A business meeting was followed by Consensus Sports Competition and other diverse events.
On the first day, the business meeting was moderated by Yang Deok-mo, assistant chief of Management Planning Department and Tak Geun-man, assistant chief of Marketing Department. Kim Eun-hee, Chief of Management Planning Department briefed them on the conditions of health & function foods markets, and then, Chu Gwang-yeop, Chief of Business Headquarters reported about achievement of VitaminHouse and future plans. Then, Jang Ju-won, Chief of Marketing Department reported about new products in 2008 and future plans. After the business meeting, quiz competitions and idea contests were held, followed by presentations of success cases and citations of model staff and employees
The model staff and employees cited were Seo Sang-hoon, head of Kangbuk Business Office, Shin Seung-hyun, director of Kyongin Business Branch, Lee Tae-im, nutritionist working for Daegu Branch, Baek Kyoung-jin, assistant chief of Logistic Team, and Kim Ju-young, assistant chief of Marketing Department.
The next day, all staff and employees were divided into 4 groups for a pleasant sports event. Lastly, all staff and employees got together to share a happy time and consolidated friendship among themselves.
On this occasion, all staff and employees looked back on the past and pledged to be more self-developing VitaminHouse people in the latter half of 2008 and in 2009.


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