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  VitaminHouse Had a Gathering with Manufacturers - August 21, 2008
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VitaminHouse had a gathering with manufactures beginning from 04:00 p.m. on August 21.
This gathering was designed to promote exchanges of opinion between VitaminHouse and its associates and thereby, explore some Win-Win strategy and improve the quality of products. The event was organized by Marketing Department of VitaminHouse. The event was partaken in by CEOs or their deputies of FN Bio, Farm Cross, Korea Foody Farm, Korea CNS Farm, Cell Biotec, J Farm Pharmaceutical, Hanmi Chemical, SLS and SK Natural Farm.
In order to form a consensus for its vision, VitaminHouse spared time to share its business plan for the latter half of the year. Here, VitaminHouse briefed the participants on the future of the Korean-style drug stores characterized by their own signboard details, emphasizing the need to invest in technological development. In addition, VitaminHouse advised that the participants should manufacture high-quality health & function foods for the highest customer satisfaction.


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