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  VitaminHouse Introduces a New Brand for Kids - August 21, 2008
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VitaminHouse Co., Ltd (CEO: Kim Sang-guk) has introduced a vegetable vitamin for kids; as many as 34 kinds of ingredients are contained simply in a pill.
"Essential Multi Vitamin & Mineral for Children" contains 12 kinds of vitamins and 6 kinds of minerals. In other words, 12 kinds of natural berry extracts and a kind of fruit extract were used intact for this brand.
Additionally, brown rice embryo bud enemy, DHA and grazing cattle's milk ingredients are added to the brand.
No sugar, no preservative and no artificial pigment! Since this brand is free from these harmful ingredients, children may well take it safely. In addition, it is a chewable type taken simply. Furthermore, since it is sweetened by xylitol and aspartame, it tastes apply or vanilla, favored by children.


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