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  Kim Sang-guk, CEO of VitaminHouse, Is Featured in a Book Titled "Plan As if You Were a CEO" (written by Jin Hee-jeong) - July 29, 2008
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Author Jin Hee-jeong famous for CEO special writer published a book "Plan As If You Were a CEO: 11 People's Creative Planning Power Alarming the World."
It becomes a topic that CEO Kim Sang-guk's story is featured in this book published on July 28, 2008.
Through the cases of numerous companies who have succeeded with unique ideas and creativity, we can know that such ideas, products and services reinterpreted anew have become the icons of our time, creating huge added values or saving the companies from a state of crisis. The CEO interview specialist Jin Hee-jeong interviewed 11 domestic CEOs for 6 months for this book and featured their planning foci as well as their creative planning and ideas. The author also added to the book the success cases of famous foreign companies reputed for excellent planning power.
11 CEOs advise that we should think about how to behave differently from others in our actual life. They point out that how many or good plans have been designed, they may not well be put into practice as expected. In addition, in order to ensure a survival planning, we need to focus on the two cores of planning power or 'mind' and 'action capability.' They emphasize the ability of putting into practice together with the basic attitude. To this end, they advise that we should read diverse books and learn how to open our five senses to understand the things and define the same things differently, while strengthening our capacity of understanding the basic humanity science and logics. (Courtesy of Yes 24).


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