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[Multivitamin Mineral] Multi Balance
date : 2012-05-11 15:47    
product [Multivitamin Mineral] Multi Balance
type Health Functional Food / Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement Content 1,500 mg x 60 chewable tablets (90g)
Dosage Take 1 chewable tablet daily / 2 months Intake Chewable
Product Concept Multi Balance' is a renewal product of the Multipro Multivitamin' and it contains various organic ingredients such as 12 kinds of berries, fruits & vegetables blend powder

Rounded – shaped Chewable tablet
For the use of

People who want to supplement multivitamins and minerals
Pregnant women or the elderly who need to take sufficient vitamins and minerals
The elderly with a decreasing nutrient absorption rate
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made in korea -_-
creative group : 200805